The University Library is responsible for the archiving of University of Basel dissertations and for the electronic publication of dissertations in the edoc institutional repository.  

The regulations of the respective faculties apply to the submission of dissertations. Please contact the appropriate Dean’s office.   

The delivery point for dissertations is organised as follows:

  • Law, Medical, Science, Theology, and Business and Economics faculties: submit to the Dean of Studies' office or to the Dean's office.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences, and Psychology faculties: submit to the Information desk (first Floor) University Main Library (Opening hours) or by post to:

    Erwerbung Dissertationen
    Schönbeinstrasse 18-20
    CH-4056 Basel


Contact and support

For the printed legal deposit copy of dissertations, the following printing and binding rules apply. These should guarantee that dissertations can be stored and are usable perpetually. The regulations of individual faculties may contain additional specifications. Please take note of the regulations of the relevant Dean’s office.

  • Format: A4 or A5
  • Print and paper: high-quality printouts on permanent paper (DIN ISO 9706), single or double-sided
  • Binding: adhesive-bound with endpaper, pressboard cover (0.6 mm) and textile spine or adhesive-bound with endpaper and textile cover (with or without embossing)

Important: Spiral and clamp binding as well as other “patents” will not be accepted.

Binding may only be carried out by bookbinderies. The process takes several days. To ensure that the submission deadline can be met, you should contact the bookbindery in good time. To avoid any ambiguity, provide a printout of the printing and binding specifications when placing your order: Specifications PDF file. Sample copies can be viewed at the appropriate Dean’s office.


When submitting a printed dissertation, you will receive an account from the Dean’s office or from the University Library for the submission of the electronic dissertation.

At the Law, Science and Psychology faculties, the submission of an electronic version is mandatory.

E-dissertations: Instructions for doctoral students