The University of Basel’s edoc institutional repository records scientific publications generated by affiliates of the university and makes these globally visible and perpetually accessible. edoc is maintained by the University Library and enables the implementation of the University of Basel’s Open Access policy. The contents of edoc are listed by search engines and scientific search services such as Google ScholarOpenAIRE (Horizon2020)UnpaywallCore or BASE .

Contents of edoc

  • articles in scientific journals
  • conference papers
  • book chapters
  • monographs
  • dissertations and habilitation theses
  • scientific contributions in other formats: working papers, publications on certain websites, newspaper, radio or television contributions, research reports

Inclusion in edoc

To make a publication open access via self-archiving on edoc, it must be entered together with the PDF in the UNIverse Research Portal, from where it is imported to edoc.

The complete and correct entry of information is important: all author names (in the order in which they appear in the publication), publication year, title, publisher (including universities, state organisations, etc.), ISSN or ISBN, information on the higher-level publication if relevant (publisher, title, volume, issue, page numbers), keywords and abstract. Please note that only people who are listed as an author in the publication may be entered in the "Author(s)" field.

For some publication types, the review status must be indicated. Peer review (or "refereed" in edoc) means the review process that is carried out by experts in the same field (peers) or in the publishing house.

Electronic identifiers or permalinks (permanent links) guarantee the unique identification and long-term access to digital objects. Please enter available identifiers in the research database.  This enables the bibliographic details of publications, whose full texts cannot be made accessible in edoc for copyright reasons, to be linked to the original full-text version on a publisher’s portal or in a commercial database.

The University of Basel’s Open Access policy intends that as many of the University of Basel’s publications as possible should be freely accessible on the Internet. Please take note of the formal requirements for the storing of full texts:

  • File format: The publication must be saved in PDF/A format. To ensure long-term archiving, write protection is not permissible. The PDF/A file can be created, for example, by one of the following programmes: Adobe Acrobat/Distiller Version 8.0 or higher, Open Office Version 2.4 or higher, PDFCreator Version 0.9.5 or higher (free programme). Additional programmes may be found at
  • File name: A combination of first author, book title or journal and year are meaningful. Please avoid umlauts and special characters (e.g. Mueller_MDAIK_2009.pdf).

By uploading a full text to the research database and clicking on "Save full text & accept the edoc Deposit Licence" you declare your consent for the activation of the full text in edoc and your consent for the edoc Deposit Licence.

To check copyright requirements, please consult the edoc & copyright page.

By clicking on "Save full text & accept the edoc Deposit Licence" authors declare their consent for the activation of the full text in edoc, and the University Library, as manager of edoc, thereby obtains the following non-exclusive rights to use the document and its associated metadata:

  • the right to electronic storage, in particular in databases; the right to make them publicly accessible and to distribute them, as well as for archiving and reproducing them for these purposes,
  • the right to share metadata with third parties,
  • the right to make archive copies and to convert them to other electronic or physical formats for the purpose of archiving, while maintaining the integrity of the content.

The following liability issues also apply:

  • the rights holder assures the University Library that the activation of the work or parts thereof (e.g. images) does not violate the rights of any third party (e.g. co-author, publisher, third-party funder).
  • the rights holder commits to informing the operator immediately in case of doubt or if alleged or actual legal obstacles arise.

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