Digital course reserves - Services for University of Basel lecturers

You are able to have journal articles or single book chapters digitised for your courses free of charge.

DigiLit orders via the learning platform ADAM


20 journal articles or book chapters (each max. 40 pages) per course

Delivery period

2-3 weeks

Making available

Direct upload as PDF file to your Course


Order by using the DigiLit function in your ADAM Course


You will find manuals for the Courses in ADAM or via email from ITS


Making documents available on the desired learning platform is your responsibility:

  • Swiss copyright regulations must be considered when making use of digital course reserves.
  • In particular, digitised documents may only be passed on to students of the relevant course (using the password-protected area of the learning platform or a direct email).
  • Additionally, the digitised documents may only be used for teaching purposes in the relevant courses and must be removed from the learning platform at the end of the course.
  • For private use, lecturers may save a copy of digitised documents to their personal computer and may re-use these for a subsequent course if need be under the abovementioned conditions.
  • Furthermore, the Reproduction Guidelines of the University Library Basel (in German) should be noted.