Subject librarian

The more we love our children, the less it will be enough for us that they just walk in our footsteps. Children should instead become better than their parents were, so that each new generation can surpass that of their educated parents.

Friedrich D. E. Schleiermacher


Introduction to the University Library

  • to understand the layout of the reading rooms and open stack
  • for mastering the basics of educational information searching and finding literature/media through the local library catalogue
  • for navigating the websites of the University Library and to introduce the specialist educational electronic information and media available


Basic introduction to searching for information

  • topic-related information searching in ERIC, Education Research Portal, etc.
  • topic-related usage of scientific search engines

Advanced information searching

  • for in-depth topic-related information searching in ERIC, FIS Bildung, etc. and related psychological/sociological databases
  • for identifying different publication types and finding targeted sources
  • for the independent use of electronic resources


Information processing

  • reference management with Zotero and Citavi


(Kopie 2)

  • Basic literature, general representations, as well as individual subdisciplines
  • Reference works (encyclopaedias, lexicons, dictionaries)
  • Textbooks, but not teaching material
  • Research literature
  • Journals in consultation with the institute, where possible with online access
  • Bibliographic databases online in the university’s computer network: German Education Index, Education Research Portal and many more


Other acquisition aspects:

  • Languages: focus on German and English, lower proportion of Romance languages