Subject librarian

Training opportunities for students in their 1st semester

The next introductory training course in catalogue and database research is available to all students of Anglophone Linguistics and Literary Studies and is held in the week of Dies Academicus (21 to 24 November 2022).

Registration takes place during the proseminar “Introduction I: Literary Studies“.

Advanced and topic-specific trainings

An advanced and in-depth course on literary research in English Language and Literary Studies takes place each spring term in Ascension week (next: 15.-17.05.2023). Second semester students will be able to enroll for this class in the proseminar "Introduction II: Literary Theory". Other interested parties may also sign up by contacting the subject librarian directly.

For subject-specific questions about your literature search for current/ongoing projects or for help with specific databases, please do not hesitate to contact the subject librarian.

University Library holdings
Primary literature
  • critical editions of canonical anglophone authors
  • select (newer) anglophone fiction
Secondary literature (literary studies), linguistic literature
  • important encyclopaedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, etc.
  • comprehensive works in on (world) Englishes, anglophone language literature (literary and linguistic history, grammars etc.)
  • for linguistics: all subdisciplines in modern English linguistics; Old and Middle English
  • a wide provision of topical monographic literature (mainly in English and German) for the study, research and teaching of anglophone linguistics and literary studies
  • for literary studies: Shakespeare and early modern drama, anglophone poetry and narrative prose of the modern era, contemporary anglophone literature, literature from Native American authors
Historical collections
  • select collections
No holdings
  • language textbooks
  • language teaching materials
  • works on literature and language didactics
  • interpretations of works at high school level
  • German translations of anglophone fiction
  • anglophone fiction as e-books


 Libraries with additional collections
  • Department of English: select research literature on the main topics of research and teaching in this subject area
  • Pädagogisches Zentrum PZ.BS: didactics for literature classes, textbooks, and teaching materials (German only)
  • GGG Stadtbibliothek Basel: fiction from around the globe (also in translation), teaching materials, literature on individual themes for the general public, interpretations of works for pupils (website in German only)
  • Allgemeine Lesegesellschaft Basel (German only)


Collection policy 

In coordination with the Department of English at the University of Basel, media are generally only purchased for one location (either the University Main Library or the library of the English Department).

Exceptions to this policy are basic introductions as well as standard and reference works, where it makes sense to have copies available at several locations.