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SciFinder-n offers access to the most comprehensive databases in chemistry and related fields, produced by Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS):

  • Chemical Abstracts 50+ Mio. references to journal articles, conference proceedings, patents and more from 1907
  • Registry structure and properties of 150+ Mio. chemical substances and 68 Mio. protein and nucleic acid sequences
  • CASReact including 120 Mio. chemical reactions
  • plus suppliers, regulations and markush representations in patents

SciFinder-n the new version of  SciFinder, available at University of Basel since 1 November, 2019. "Classic" SciFinder will be discontinued after December 31, 2021. The accounts are valid for both platforms.
SciFinder-n introduces a new approach of information retrieval, including MethodsNow, PatentPak, and the new CAS Retrosynthesis Planner. Additionally, the historical literature from 1830 is indexed in ChemZent (Chemisches Zentralblatt).



Who is entitled to get a SciFinder-n account?
All members of the Universität Basel using a mail address within the domain

How to register with SciFinder-n?
A registration in advance is required: Instructions (members of Univ. Basel only)

How to access SciFinder-n?
Using a web browser (sytem requirements) within the University of Basel network, and worldwide via VPN ( There is a dedicated version for smartphones SciFinder Mobile . Tablets and all other computers use the standard access .

Sessions will be terminated after 20 minutes of inactivity.