03 Okt 2023
09:00  - 11:15

UB Hauptbibliothek, Vortragssaal, 1st floor

RDM Network

Forschung & Lehre, Data Stewardship Programme

Introduction to DKF Operations and to Research with Sensitive Patient Data

The training session consists of two parts:

(1) Introduction to DKF Operations / André Brunella (Head of the Clinical Data Center at DKF)

DKF Operations is a division of the Medical Faculty’s Department of Clinical Research (Departement Klinische Forschung, DKF). DKF Operations offers a wide range of services for clinical researchers. The spectrum of services offered and how clinical researchers can access them will be presented. The presentation will give special focus on services related to data management, data preparation, data analysis, and data access.

(2) Introduction to research with sensitive patient data / Claudia Becherer (Teamleader Regulatory Affairs at DKF)

The Human Research Act of Switzerland is the legal basis for clinical trial and research with data derived from persons or patients. We will dive not only in the Research act but gain also insight in some relevant data protection topics. To understand the processes for obtaining approval from ethics committee is another goal of this presentation. And at least, there will be enough time to think about your project specific questions - we would welcome if you send them in advance or bring them with you.


The course is primarily aimed at data stewards and other people working in RDM support who will receive an invitation by email. Other people who are interested in taking part in the course are asked to contact the coordinators of the data stewardship programme.

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