25 Sep 2024
14:00  - 16:00


Schulung, Medizin, Online

Basics in Literature Searching: PubMed and Other Resources (in English)

You will gain basic knowledge on performing searches in medical literature databases, with a focus on PubMed, one of the largest public access databases for medicine and related subjects. Emphasis will be placed on the formulation of exact question for your search and the steps needed to begin. You will become familiar with the contents and application of the most important resources for medical literature and studies. In addition to tips and tricks, access to electronic full texts will also be explained.

- Formulating the question (with exercises)
- Various search approaches
- Contents of medical literature resources (PubMed, Embase, Cochrane, Google Scholar, library catalogue, UpToDate and others)
- Free-text searching
- Working with Boolean search operators (AND, OR, NOT) (with exercises)
- Narrowing search results with filters
- Basic functions: Sort results; export results; access to full texts via swisscovery
Documenting the search process

Target audience:
Students and researchers of the medical faculty, medical staff and Members of Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute have priority

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